UK legislation

The Counter Terrorism and Border Security Bill was granted Royal Assent on 13 February. Under Chapter 1, section 3 of this Act, it is now an offence to view terrorist material on the internet (without reasonable excuse – basically, ignorance, journalism or academic research) even if it is only once. Previously, under the Terrorism Act 2000, it was an offence to view such material more than three times and this was punishable by ten years imprisonment. The offence is now punishable by a term of up to fifteen years imprisonment and a fine or both. The offence is triable in both Crown and Magistrates courts allowing a full range of sentences to be obtained. (i.e. if it’s not terribly serious you can expect a small fine or lesser sentence). Critics say that one of the problems with the legislation is that “terrorist material” or “material likely to be useful to terrorists” is so loosely defined that it could enable a whole range of prosecutions. See

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