Huawei fights back (2)

5 March: Huawei has opened a Cyber Security Transparency Centre in Brussels as part of its fight back against the attempt to hamper its operations by the United States. The centre aims to set “global security standards”. A statement from Huawei said that it would offer “government agencies, technical experts, industry associations and standards organisations a platform where they can communicate and collaborate to balance out security and development in the digital era.”

The Centre will allow American as well as Chinese tech to be assessed. Following Huawei’s move in Barcelona yesterday (see: “Cyber Sales Fight Back” – 4 March), the message to the United States administration on spy software is clear: “If we can’t do it, we’re going to make damned sure that you can’t do it either.”

There is, of course, “the Cell”, the well known Huawei site near Oxford that tests kit it intends to install in the UK. A similar site was established in Bonn, Germany in November 2018.

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