Not So Frequently Asked Questions (1)

What does a CIA “Field Utility Systems Specialist” do?

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? It isn’t.

A FUSS is responsible for the infrastructure of CIA buildings around the world. Heating, lighting, plumbing and ventilation systems all require regular maintenance and upkeep, but they are also possible sources of technical infiltration, so the CIA must maintain a dedicated team of maintenance men to do this. That is where a FUSS steps in. Basically, a FUSS is responsible for unblocking the CIA’s drains.

Okay, it amounts to a bit more than that. CIA FUSSes are encouraged to become multi-skilled (so that they can do the lights as well as the drains presumably) and there is some opportunity for international travel as the CIA maintains facilities worldwide. Some are even based abroad on regular postings.

If you are going to be a plumber, being a spy-plumber is probably a pretty good option.

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