Bosnia vs Croatia

14 March: Dragan Mektic, the Bosnian Security Minister, has accused the Croatian Secret Service (Sigurnoso-obavještanja agencija – SOA) of smuggling weapons across the border and planting them in Bosnian mosques with the help of specially recruited Bosnian agents. The SOA has publicly denied the allegations. They have asked the Director General of the Bosnian Security Intelligence Service (Obvavještajno-sigurnosna agencija Bosne i Hercegovine – OSA BiH), Osman Mehmedagić, to formally refute the allegations in order to ease growing tensions between the two countries.

However, it is true that Croatia has in the past claimed that Bosnian Wahabbi Muslims are little more than terrorists planning on attacking Croatia. In 2016, President Kolinda Kitarovic of Croatia claimed that there were 10 000 Muslim terrorists in Bosnia waiting to attack Croatia.

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