The Top Seven Security Threats in Sweden

The Swedish Security Service has published its annual report (known as the Yearbook) for 2018. You can read a copy in English here: Amongst the many items in the report (which is lavishly illustrated with colour pictures of Swedish intelligence folk) is a list of the top seven security and intelligence threats in Sweden for the coming year. As they make interesting reading – and to save you wading through the whole report – we list them here:

1. Technological threats such as hacking.

2. Foreign propaganda and influence operations aimed at changing the “political discourse” in Sweden.

3. Unpredictability in international relations caused by the withdrawal of the influence of the United States.

4. Russia.

5. China.

6. Islamic Terrorism.

7. The rise of nationalism and xenophobia.

It would be interesting to see a similar list from other nations. One imagines that, in the West, they would be broadly the same, except for the United States where (according to some – ed) xenophobia and nationalism is currently government policy.

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