Female Spies

We claimed (see below) that we could name at least a dozen women who were far more deserving of the term “spy” than Margarethe Zelle, women who really have been forgotten and deserve to have their stories told. This led to some discussion in the office, so here are a dozen to start with – just using the letter ‘A’:

Lucie Aubrac, Sylvia Agelov, Jane Archer, Sarah Aaronson, Gertrude Allison, “Anita” (an agent of SIS Lisbon station involved in the Zig Zag case), Mercedes Abrego de Reyes, Theodora Acacius, Inessa Armand, Inga Arvad, Aphra Behn (yes, we know that’s really a ‘B’, but Jack cheated), “Alouette” (she was actually working at the same time as Mata Hari, except that she really was a spy…).

We could go on.

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