In the UK there is still no sign of the Intelligence and Security Committee’s report into Russian meddling in UK elections. The report was completed on 17 October 2019. It would normally be released within four weeks once UK intelligence services have given the report the all-clear. But with upcoming national elections, the Conservative government which, according to leaks, was most implicated in the report, refused to allow the report to be issued. The ISC went to the unprecedented length of issuing a statement on 17 December, two days before the general election, to say that the intelligence services had long since authorised release of the report, implying that the government was withholding the report for its own ends. Privately, the intelligence services confirmed to journalists that this was true indicating the extent of their own concerns.

The UK government has promised to issue the report as soon as possible. As yet there is silence and the questions continue, especially given recent actions in America by President Trump. Did the Russian intelligence services follow the same policy in the UK?

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