Chinese Intelligence Services claim “Number One Threat” spot in the UK

The ISC (see above), which is almost never features in the headlines, has been in the news twice in one week. On 13 July, after a period of research that has taken an astonishing FOUR years, declared in a 220 page report that the Chinese intelligence services (CIS) represent the “greatest risk” to the country. The Committee said that the CIS have “successfully penetrated every sector of the UK’s economy” where China has used its massive economic power to buy access and influence. The CIS have especially targetted British universities where their objectives are cutting edge research and also to ensure that criticism of the Chinese Communist Party is suppressed. The Committee said that the CIS have been targeting the UK “prolifically and aggressively” and was seeking to control key industrial assets. They say that the UK has been slow to wake up to the threat and that the response of the British intelligence services has been “completely inadequate”. The Committee noted that there has been at least one attempt by the CIS to place a mole in the British intelligence services but this had been prevented.

The real question is: why did it take the ISC four years to reach a conclusion that most people could have reaxhed in four minutes?! Anyway, you can yawn your way through the entire report HERE.

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