Chinese spy adopts tourist cover -fails

On 5 July, a Chinese spy is believed to have tried to infiltrate a briefing by Hong Kong dissidents at the UK’s House of Commons. The meeting was due to be addressed by Finn Lau and Christopher Mung, two dissidents who have bounties on their heads put up by the Hong Kong police (which used to be independent but these days works under the control of the Chinese intelligence service (CIS). The human rights briefing, hosted by Conservative Party MP Bob Seeley, was being held at a committee meeting room that was so remote and so deep in the warren of passages that make up that ancient building that his appearance cannot have been by accident. When he tried to get access to the committee room, he was stopped when security guards found that his name was not on the list of attendees. The man then claimed to be a tourist who had become separated from his group but would still like to come in to see what was happening. When he was refused admittance yet again, the man left. Since he had committed no offence, no attempt was made to detain him at the time but efforts are now being made to trace him – and the CIS cell for which he is almost certainly working.

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