US Secret Service under attack

What is the greatest risk to life and limb if you are a US Secret Service agent charged with protecting the life of the US President? Drone strike? IED? Nope. According to statistics concerning incidents between Oct 2022 and January 2023, it is the President’s dog.

President Biden once had a German Shepherd dog named Major. It bit a Secret Service agent and was replaced by another German Shepherd dog this time named Commander. Now it has been revealed that Commander has attacked Secret Service officers ten times in just four months. Statistically that makes him a greater threat to the Secret Service than Al Qaeda or ISIS. And these are not just nips on the hand – one incident on 3 November 2022 was so serious that the officer had to be treated in hospital for serious bite wounds to his arm and thigh. With friends like that…

Bets are currently being taken that the President’s third dog will be a Chihuahua.

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