Russian agent of influence in Germany?

Vladimir Sergienko, 52, has been accused of plotting with Moscow to delay the arrival of German tanks in Ukraine. He is a parliamentary aide for the far-Right AfD (Althernative for Germany) party for whom he works as a translator. He is a naturalised German citizen born in Ukraine. He has travelled to Moscow on at least two occasions recently. It is alleged that he was meeting a handler according to Der Spiegel on 4 August, citing leaked emails between hm and the Moscow contact provided by “intelligence sources”Der Spiegel‘s intelligence sources are usually very good. According to Der Spiegel, intelligence contacts say that his handler is an FSB officer. Mr Sergienko said the allegation was “fantasy”.

Also according to Der Spiegel, the emails show him working with Moscow to draw up a legal case that would stop Germany supplying heavy weaponry to Ukraine. Apparently he told Moscow that this was “a win-win situation” and asked for E25,000 for legal fees. He has twice been caught crossing the border with approximately E9,000, just below the E10,000 limit. He said the money was from relatives in Russia and since he had not broken the law he was allowed to pass. Sure enough, in July, the AfD launched a legal challenge to to the arms supplies. It has not yet been heard and is thought likely to fail but it is still slowing things down. The AfD claims to know nothing of this.

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