We will do our best.

But trust no-one.

Not even us.

Feb 2019: Spying Today arose out of a conversation between three old friends, one American, one British and one Russian. We were concerned about the state of reporting and discussion of intelligence issues on the internet. We live in a world where intelligence services are experiencing a golden age. Their budgets and staff numbers are growing rapidly. Thanks to modern communications they are able to gather intelligence about us more easily than ever before. Their influence on current events is growing as a result. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does require informed consideration.

Unfortunately, reporting of intelligence issues appears to be divided between semi-official mouthpieces who simply regurgitate service press releases and conspiracy theory sites that believe that everything the services do is wrong. If you move in the “right circles”, you get a lot of information that ordinary citizens do not. This does not seem right. Spying Today exists to fill that information gap. We may not have all the stories immediately. We do not have those kinds of resources. But we are able to put those stories into context and to add an insider’s perspective. Our intention is to provide the background so that you will able to consider the role of intelligence services in an informed manner: to understand the risks, the benefits and the threats of intelligence services in the modern world.

As you can see, this is not a fancy website. We do not do gimmicks, we are not concerned about how many hits we get and we are not sure how long this website will continue.

But we thought it was worth a try.

April 2019: After a trial period we have agreed to push on – for a longer trial period. We are currently seeking an editor who will be the “face” of Spying Today. We have someone in mind. Fortunately he owes us money. More anon.